PL-880 Special Edition Deluxe Set
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PL-880 Special Edition Deluxe Set Summary

PL-880 Special Edition Deluxe Set



Q: Do you provide any warranty for the PL-880 model?

A: Yes, of course, a 1-year warranty is provided. If your device was in order when you received it, but later on shows any technical problems (during normal use) within the first year, you may send it back for repair service. The repair service is free, but both ways shipping fee is on your account.


Q: Will I have to pay Duty, VAT or a Customs fee when I order PL-880?

A: No, FedEx will arrange the delivery of PL-880 to you without any unforeseen charges.  


Q: I live in a very remote area of my country, does FedEx also deliver to my address?

A: FedEx delivers to most locations. If your address is outside of the delivery area of FedEx, we will contact you to discuss how we may resolve it.





 TECSUNs PL-880 Deluxe Set includes:

- PL-880 radio 

- Protective pouch for PL-880

- AN-03L SW antenna

- PST-17U dual USB wall charger

- 2 x 18650 lithium battery

- Stereo earphones

- USB charging cable

- Amateur Radio World Map

- Line-in cable

- ICR-100: this small size multifunctional device is a FM radio, MP3 player and Radio Recorder all in one, and on top of that it can also function as a speaker for other audio devices using the included line-in cable. Connect ICR-100 to your PL-880 and directly record a radio broadcasting to the Micro-SD card (8GB card is included).





TECSUNs latest high-end radio receiver has arrived: PL-880. Equipped with analogue High-IF circuit, multi-conversion and DSP decoding technology, PL-880 has great performance in its sensitivity, selectivity and the interference of mirror stations (image rejection). Besides these technological advances, the introduction of the Auto Sorting Memory function in Tecsuns latest top receivers provides greater user friendliness and convenience in using stored stations. And to further enhance listening enjoyment, PL-880 is fitted with Class AB type Audio Power Amplifiers and ultra-dynamic full range speakers.



Special Functions:

Multi-conversion processing of incoming radio signals to reduce interference.

SW Single Side Band (SSB): individual reception of Upper Side Band (USB) and Lower Side Band (LSB)

Auto-sorting memory: sorting stored stations automatically according to meter band and frequency, removes duplicate stations.



Frequency Range: 



FM:   64 – 108 MHz (Russia) / 76 – 108 MHz (Japan) / 87.5 – 108 MHz (Germany)

MW:  522 - 1620 kHz (band step 9 kHz for Asia / Africa / Europe)

520 - 1710 kHz (band step 10 kHz for Americas)

LW:   100 KHz to 519 KHz (tuning step 1 kHz or 9 kHz)

SW:  1711 KHz to 29999 kHz (tuning step 1 kHz or 5 kHz)



Tuning Methods: 


Auto / manual tuning for stations within frequency range (VF mode)


Auto / manual tuning for stations within its memories (VM mode)


Direct keypad entry of a frequency or memory address




Storing Stations Methods: 


Manually: tune into a station manually and store them


Semi-auto storage: storing stations during auto-scan


Auto Tuning Storage (ATS): automatically tune into and store stations


Basic Features:

Multifunctional Digital Display shows:

Meter band & frequency

Memory page and location 

Signal indicator: S/N ratio and strength

Clock & Alarm 

Battery indicator


3050 stations storage locations, divided over 25 memory pages

Manual tuning control: Fast, slow and fine-tuning

Alarm by radio, and with the automatically alarm stopper within 1 - 90 minutes

Snooze function – 5 minutes, repeated three times

Sleep timer from 1 - 120 minutes

Class AB type Audio Power Amplifiers & ultra -dynamic full range speakers, with excellent sound quality

News / Music tone switch

LCD backlight

LCD light on/off switch 

Key lock function

Vertical back stand

Local / Norm / DX antenna gain switch: adjust sensitivity when using external SW antenna

SW (& FM) antenna jack

Line-out jack

Earphone jack (3.5 mm)

Speaker (40 mm)

Built-in Charging System to charge lithium (Li-ion) rechargeable battery

Mini USB DC jack (5V / 500mA)



Power supply: 

Battery: 3.7V 18650-type lithium (Li-ion) battery (included); 

External power source: USB switching adapter with double entry (5V/1000mA & 5V/2400mA) (included)

Unit size 192 x 113 x 33 mm (W x H x D)




FM (S / N = 30dB) < 3uV

MW (S / N = 26dB) < 1mV/m

LW (S / N = 26dB) < 3mV/m

SW (S / N = 26dB) < 20uV

SSB (S / N = 10dB) < 1uV



FM > 60dB (± 150kHz)

Product Condition:
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Feature-packed radio & kit, backed by a GREAT seller
The PL-880 radio is a delight to use, with a boatload of user-friendly features jam-packed into its very portable size & weight. The 18650 battery (& spare/backup) provides many hours of listening pleasure between charges. Sound quality, whether emanating from the large inboard speaker or the provided (FM stereo) earbuds, is full and rich (don't let the radio's compact size fool you). Build quality, sensitivity and selectivity, and massive memory capacity are definitive positive factors with this "machine". The sturdy protective carrying case and accessories provided in the special edition kit (including the ICR-100 radio/recorder) make for a formidable upgrade. Combine all of this with the very reasonable unit price & stellar service provided by the folks at Anon-Co and you have a winning package that I would be quite comfortable in recommending to anyone. Thanks again, Anna - I will be back!
Hello, Mrs. Anna radio PL880 I have at home! There was fine and without any fees/duty/VAT. Ordered 13.10.2015, 20.10.2015 came in 12, 11 am! Perfect!!! Just as I opened the package, so since I love the beauty and quality of the 880/02,00 pm is currently in the morning! Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Tom.
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