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S2000 Power Supply*
S-2000 Summary



Special Functions:

Dual Conversion for LW, MW and SW

Single Side Band(SSB) with Upper Side Band (USB) and Lower Side Band (LSB)

360 degrees rotatable MW antenna

Air Band (VHF):

For intercepting radio communication in aviation – e.g. commercial and general aviation, radio navigational aids, air traffic control.By using your PL-660s air band function, you may intercept communication between pilots and the air traffic control, but also other communication from commercial and general aviation, radio navigational aids and air traffic control.

Squelch Control for Quality FM and Air Band Listening

Frequency Range:

FM: 76 - 108MHz / 87.5 - 108MHz


522 - 1620kHz (band step 9kHz)

520 - 1710kHz (band step 10kHz)

LW:    100KHz - 519kHz

SW:    1711KHz - 29999kHz

AIR:    118 - 137MHz

Tuning Methods: 

Auto Tuning Storage (ATS)

Auto-scan tuning

Jog dial manual tuning

Direct keypad entry of a frequency

Basic Features:

FM stereo via earphones or headphones.

1000 station memories (100 each for FM, SW, SSB & Air Band;  50 each for MW & LW;  500 for mixed band)

24 hours clock & dual alarm clock function (alarm by either radio broadcasting or buzzer)

Sleep timer function

Extra-long telescopic antenna for FM, SW, Air Band.

External or internal FM /MW antenna switch

Antenna attenuation to enhance reception.

Wide / narrow bandwidth selection

RF Gain Control knob

455 kHz IF output jack for DIY (Synchronous Detection, DSP Demodulator, DRM Converter)

High-quality built-in 4” speaker with excellent sound effect. 

Line-in socket (can be used as speaker for MP3)

Line-out socket (radio broadcasting can be transferred to other device)

Power supply: 4D alkaline batteries (not included). Also AC or DC power selectable: 220V AC power cord, 120V DC Adaptor or 230V DC adaptor.

Unit size 372 x 183 x 153 mm (L x H x W) (including front handle)



LW band (S/N = 26dB) < 3mV/m

MW band (S/N = 26dB) < 0.35mV/m

SW band (S/N = 26dB) < 18μV

SSB (S/N = 10dB) < 1μV

AIR (S/N = 10dB) < 5μV

FM band (S/N = 30dB) < 3μV

Selectivity (AM)

Wideband±10kHz,   Greater than 40dB

Narrowband±5kHz,  Greater than 60dB

FM Stereo Crosstalk

Better than 30dB

Signal to Noise Ratio

MW:   greater than 45dB

SW:   greater than 50dB

FM:    greater than 60dB

IF Frequency

SSB/ AM:        

1st IF: 55.845MHz

2nd IF:455kHz


1st IF: 10.7MHz (Single Conversion)

Image Rejection

MW / LW / SW:    

55.845MHz:      Greater than 90dB

455kHz:           Greater than 80dB

AIR:      Greater than 90dB

FM:       Greater than 60dB

IF Rejection


55.845MHz:      Greater than 60dB

455kHz:           Greater than 60dB


10.7MHz:          Greater than 100dB

AGC Performance

AGC range:  Wider than 80dB

Threshold: 12μV

RF Gain


Antenna Attenuation

Three levels:  0dB,-10dB,-20dB

Internal Antenna

1200 mm telescopic whip (for use on FM, AIR, SW and SSB bands)

Ferrite rod antenna φ10 x 120 mm (HQ) (for use from 100 kHz through 1800kHz)

External Antenna Input

SW:      50Ω (BNC type),   500Ω

FM:       50Ω (BNC type)

AIR:      50Ω (BNC type)

IF Output

IF: 455kHz

Signals output greater than 60mV, when input greater than 3μV

Line Audio Output

Stereo left and right

300Mv, 4.7kΩ for each output

Earphone Jack

φ3.5mm, 8 ~ 32Ω, stereo type

Internal Speaker

8Ω / 2W, φ100mm

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Classic, work-horse design, packed with modern performance features
A relative newbie to SWL, the S-2000 was my dream total-package device for pursuit of this hobby. Although I am still finding my way around all of the knobs and buttons and have virtually no access to external antennae or other supporting equipment, this radio has definitely served to fuel my curiosity & interest in SWL. It is truly a beautiful machine, which at Anon-Co's unbelievably low price, IMHO is a must-have for someone interested in exploring what SWL is all about, and taking the hobby to the next level. Even though I ordered the radio at perhaps the worst possible time - Friday (Dec. 21) afternoon, just prior to a weekend and then the Christmas holidays, Anna and her crew somehow got it delivered to me (in Illinois, USA) safely packaged, in excellent condition on Dec. 26. (I hadn't even had an opportunity to prepare my wife for the arrival of yet another radio). Anon-Co is the very BEST!
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