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A38-LMS LW/MW/SW Summary


Addwards LW / MW / SW

Active Loop Antenna





This “Active Loop Antenna” is able to tune and amplify the LW, MW and SW frequency band, thereby enhancing signal reception quality and increasing your overall radio listening experience. Use the “TUNING” knob to fine tune the reception signal, and attenuate the signal by adjusting the “LEVEL CONTROL” knob if there is interference caused by a signal that is too strong.







Frequency Range:


LW: 120 ~ 400 kHz


MW: 520 ~ 1710 kHz

SW: 3.50 ~ 20.00 MHz



Power source: 2 x AAA battery (not included)


Power consumption: 8 mAh







1.   Take out the parts and place the suction cup (7) onto the clean glass of the window.


2.   Extend the wire antenna loop of the amplifier (2) by using the extension rod (6), then hang it on the hook of the suction cup or fasten it to the curtain using the clip (8).


3.   Insert two batteries (AAA, UM4) into the control box (1) and close the battery cover. Place it beside your radio, plug one end of the cable (5) into the amplifier and the other end into the control box.


4.   Select your desired band from the amplifier, then push the “POWER” switch of the control box to “ON” position; the power indicator LED turns green.



For SW:


If your radio has an SW antenna input jack, connect the 3.5mm plug of the control box into it; if not, then connect the 3.5mm plug of the control box into the black and red connector clips (4). Fasten the red clip to the telescopic antenna of the radio and the black clip to a self-made grounding line.



For LW/MW:


If your radio has an MW antenna input jack, connect the 3.5mm plug of the control box into it; if not, then connect the 3.5mm plug of the control box to the ferrite bar antenna coupler (3) and place it near the built-in MW antenna of the radio. For pocket sized radios, you can use the base station (9) to keep the ferrite bar antenna coupler near the MW antenna.


5.   Dial the “TUNING” knob of the control box up/down for better signal reception.


6.   Dial the “LEVEL CONTROL“ knob of the control box up/down if the radio signal is too strong and causes a distorted sound.


Included items:

1.   Control box

2.   Amplifier

3.   Ferrite bar antenna coupler (for LW/MW)

4.   Black and red connector clips

5.   Cable with 3.5mm plugs

6.   Loop extension rod for wire antenna

7.   Suction cup

8.   Hanging clip

9.   Base station: for pocket radio

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Quality Controls to be improved
I bought two. One came with the cables without insulation in sight. The second had the loop well armed, but the box did not tune anything. A pity, because I thought it was a good alternative to the Degen 31ms that lacks Long Wave
She works!
Excellent product. Excellent service. Fast shipping. The antenna works, although I was afraid that it would be useless. At weak stations, there is noticeable amplification and clipping of noise. Thank you so much!
Оголенные жилы провода.
У основного блока на выходе шнура оголенные жилы проводов. Надо разбирать и устранять эту неисправность. Из за этого ставлю всего три звезды. А так все вроде на месте, поработаю с ней неделю а там видно будет что за антенна.
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