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Details Frequency Range: FM: 87.5 - 108 MHz MW: 530 - 1610 KHz SW: 5.90 21.85 MHz Tuning methods: Jog dial manual tuning Basic Features: Foldable back stand Tuning indicator Earphone jack (D 3.5 mm) Tuning...
dsp radio with mp3 function Details Special Functions: MP3 playback via micro-SD card Speaker function for your computer through USB cable 3W speaker output LED torch light Frequency Range: FM: 87 - 108...
Details Special Functions: RDS info for FM stations Micro-SD Music Player Preset recording timer for both radio and voice recording Line-in: connect smartphone to play music Frequency Range: FM: 64 - 108...
TECSUN R-911 is an inexpensive analog tuned AM/FM and Shortwave radio receiver. Its small size makes it an ideal portable radio to hold in the hand, and with the foldable stand, a convenient tabletop receiver....
MULTI-BAND PLL DSP RADIO RECEIVER DETAILS Ritmix RPR-7020 (Tecsun PL-606) is a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) multi-band portable radio. It uses DSP si4734 micro-chips (from Silicon Labs in USA) to digitalize...
DEGEN AM/FM Pocket SIZED RadIO DETAILS Frequency Range: FM: 87 - 108MHz MW (AM): 520 1710kHz Basic Features: Radio listening through earphones only FM-stereo Power ON/OFF switch AM/FM band selector switch...
Details Frequency Range: FM: 76 - 108MHz MW / AM: 525 1610kHz SW: 3.90 - 21.85MHz SW1: 3.9 - 4.00Mhz SW2: 4.75 - 5.06Mhz SW3: 5.95 - 6.20Mhz SW4: 7.10 - 7.30Mhz SW5: 9.50 - 9.90Mhz SW6: 11.65 - 12.05Mhz...
Details NOTE: micro-SD card (not included) is required to make recordings. Special Functions: FM radio recording; listen to your favourite radio station and make a recording. Line-in recording; connect...
Details Note: the duration of a single recording is not limited in time, but after 60 minutes a new recording file is created. Special Functions: FM radio recording; listen to your favourite radio station...
PL-880 Special Edition Deluxe Set
F.A.Q. Q: Do you provide any warranty for the PL-880 model? A: Yes, of course, a 1-year warranty is provided. If your device was in order when you received it, but later on shows any technical problems...
Details Special Features: Dual speakers (D57mm, 250mW) MP3 player through SD-card Line-in jack (functions as a speaker for other audio devices) 550 preset memories (100 memories for each MW / FM and LW,...
ICR-110 Chinese
Details Special Functions: AM/FM Radio recording; listen to your favorite radio station and make a recording. Line-in recording; connect an external audio device and make a recording. Voice recording;...
Displaying results 1-12 (of 16)
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