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Tecsun AM/FM/LW/SW radio LCD and Analog Tuning Special Functions: Shortwave Dual Conversion Frequency Range : FM: 87 - 108 MHz MW (AM): 52 5 1710 kHz SWI: 5.95 9.90 MHz SWII: 11.60 17.90 MHz 49-16 meter...
Tecsun AM/FM/LW/SW/SSB AM Triple Conversion Receiver Details TECSUNs long-awaited S-8800 model has arrived! Equipped with analogue High-IF circuits, triple AM conversion and DSP decoding technology, this...
Tecsun PLL DSP CLOCK RADIO MP3 & Line-in Special Functions: Stores up to 100 radio stations into memory MP3 player via USB and line-in Line-in jack (functions as a speaker for other audio devices) Mobile...
Tecsun AN-55
DETAILS To enhance FM and Shortwave reception, connect the AN-55 to the external FM/SW antenna jack of your radio, and then place the opposite end at a high location (near or outside a window). Description:...
TECSUN ICR-110 English
RADIO, RECORDER & MP3 PLAYER Details Special Functions: AM/FM Radio recording; listen to your favorite radio station and make a recording. Line-in recording; connect an external audio device and make a...
AM/FM & SW-10 band radio F.A.Q. Q: What's the difference between the DR-920C and DR-920? A: The alarm function of the DR-920C is by radio only, the DR-920 can be set to radio or buzzer mode. Details Frequency...
Tecsun R-201T
AM/FM POCKET SIZED RADIO Details Frequency Range: FM: 63 - 108 MHz AM/MW: 525 - 1610 kHz (TV: 2 5 VHF CH; no longer functional these days) Basic Features: Manual jog dial tuning Volume knob Band switch...
TECSUN PLL AM/FM/LW/SW/SSB RECEIVER Details PL-365 is equipped with DSP si4735 microchips (from Silicon Labs in the USA) for digital demodulation of analog AM/FM broadcasting signals, which greatly enhances...
Tecsun AM/FM/LW/SW/AIR SSB & Air Band Receiver Special Functions: Dual Conversion (SW/MW/LW) SW Single Side Band (SSB) with BFO control Synchronous Detector:Upper Side Band (USB) and Lower Side Band (LSB)...
Tecsun E-302
Details Fit design: In-Ear only Cable length: approx. 120cm Headphone connector plug: 3.5mm. Speaker Frequency Response: 20 - 20000Hz Output power: 3mW Max. input : 10mW Sensitivity: 113dB (+/- 3dB) Impedance:...
Tecsun R-9710
10 BANDS WORLD RECEIVER Details Special Functions: Shortwave Dual Conversion Frequency Range : FM: 87 - 108 MHz MW: 52 5 1710 kHz SW: 5.95 - 21.85 MHz 49m 5.95 6.20 MHz 41m 7.15 7.30 MHz 31m 9.50 - 9.90...
Tecsun R-912
fm stereo/mw/sw 1-10 receiver Details Frequency Range : FM: 87 - 108 MHz MW: 525 1610 kHz SW: 3.60 21.85 MHz Tuning methods: Jog dial manual tuning Basic Features: FM-stereo (through earphones) Band selector...